The Soviet players not sold

Vice-President of the RFU Nikita Simonyan advises players that in this life thing — not the money, and recalls the Soviet players who were not sold. [B] — The current football you do not cause rejection? [/ B] — You know, there are veteran movement, in which I take active part — quoted the legend of "Spartacus" edition of "Soviet sport". — Sometimes, going, I ask, "Does anyone regrets not born now, when players receive fantastic contracts? ‘. No one ever said, "I’m sorry." You can good-naturedly envious of players who provide their future. But it is not money — the main thing in life. Understand whether this current players who get millions, but almost no break, for example, to know yourself and go abroad to broaden your horizons? [B] — In your time about foreign countries can only dream of. [/ B] — I remember being ‘bought’ in Italy. In 1957, I scored two goals, "Fiorentina", and the club owner was shouting: "I’m buying this Russian!". However, he quickly explained that the Soviet people are not sold — Nikita Pavlovich laughs heartily. — Today this is easier. The only question is: are the players the money they receive? I doubt it.

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