The spacecraft Express-MD2 delivered to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, waiting Telcom-3

"Express-MD2" — ready to run

According to the Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev spacecraft "Express-MD2" delivered to the cosmodrome "Baikonur" to prepare for the launch. The decision to send the Baikonur adopted the State Commission on the results of ground tests, which confirmed the functioning of its systems and readiness for regular operation. Previously, the Khrunichev. Khrunichev to "Baikonur" brought booster (RN) "Proton-M", for that run. At present in the assembly and test facility specialists of the Center conducts routine manufacturing operations to "Proton". The spacecraft "Express-MD2" should be run in conjunction with the Indonesian unit of communication "Telkom-3» / Telcom 3. 


                                                                                       Coverage area

Communication and broadcasting satellite "Express-MD2" commissioned by Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications" (RSCC) created Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev together with the Italian branch of the European company Thales Alenia Space as part of the Federal Space Program of Russia. It is planned that the spacecraft will be launched on July 10, 2012.


Satellite "Express-MD2" is designed to provide digital broadcasting, telephony, data and multimedia. Orbital position of 145 degrees east, which will be placed the spacecraft, will provide access to the resource space satellite users in the Far East and Eastern Siberia.


Telcom-3 — in JSC "ISS" completed basic cycles for the production of spacecraft

In JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "complete fabrication of telecommunication spacecraft (SC)" Telkom-3 »(Telkom-3), developed by order PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk — one of the largest telecom operators the Asia-Pacific region.

In JSC "ISS" spacecraft "Telkom-3" has successfully passed the full cycle of ground tests to ensure its smooth operation after startup. One of the last steps are high-satellite test in which was confirmed electromagnetic compatibility of its radio equipment.

At present, specialists of JSC "ISS" cook "Telkom-3" to be shipped to the launch site: install solar panels, remove the original telemetry data. In late May, the spacecraft is scheduled to deliver in Baikonur, from where it will be launched into geostationary orbit.

SC "Telkom-3" — this is the third spacecraft, created the ASC commissioned by the foreign operator. Telecommunications satellite is designed to provide communication, broadcasting and data transmission in areas of Indonesia and Indochina.

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