The Spaniards are satisfied with Lada cars

"AvtoVAZ" has decided to abandon the widely publicized program order cars on the internet. And, if you have the opportunity to order Lada recently on the internet was presented as a great achievement that makes life easier for drivers, now about online orders say almost as the main evil.

 "Cars Lada Granta pre-order through the Internet," snapped "in a matter of minutes. We believe that it is — one of the hallmarks of a system of dealers and gray dealers, so in the near future "AvtoVAZ" will not offer Lada Granta online-order ", — the newspaper" Avtosreda "According to the press center of the plant


Not only that, previously, it was announced that, due to these same dealers and unscrupulous dealers "AvtoVAZ" just have to "at the request of the working people" seriously increase the price of the model Granta. "The huge demand for people’s car AvtoVAZ has led to a significant overestimation of prices many unscrupulous dealers to impose buyers unreasonably expensive and often unnecessary additional equipment. Price Adjustment for Lada Granta by 7.3% (discounted price — from 259 thousand rubles.) Should lead to a decrease in the gap between the recommended and actual market price of the car, "- said in a statement the plant.


PS By the way, the Spanish dealer "AvtoVAZ" congratulated the Russian plant with … a serious improvement in the quality of car brand Lada, reports "Echo of Moscow". It turns out that this year in Spain has not been a single (!) Warranty claim on the car brand Lada! Note that at the moment in Spain sold model Lada Kalina and Priora.


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