The Spanish team will go to the Olympics in the Russian form

"If this had happened in France, the chairman of the Olympic Committee, went straight to the guillotine," jokes at the other end of the line Modesto Lomba. However, this laughing ends. Because the chairman of the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain (ACME) is outraged and offended by the fact that the shape of the Olympic team of Spain has developed and produced by the Russian company Bosco di Ciliegi. The head of the Spanish Federation of garment factories (Fedecon) Angel Asensio (Angel Asensio) of the same opinion, and considers this "slap on Spanish Spanish brand."

Representatives of the Spanish Olympic Committee (IOC) does not understand why the two representatives expressed their outrage over two months before the Olympic Games in London, despite the fact that the award of a contract for the design and tailoring of the form has been officially informed by the executive committee of IEC 30 November 2011. As reported by his press secretary Chema Belon (Chema Bellon), «no one designer, representative of the Spanish brands or manufacturers is not even out on the IEC staff with any suggestions. But Bosco has made the best of it. " According to Belon, a Russian firm is not only free designs and sews in shape, but also acts as a sponsor of the Olympic team. Dimensions sponsorship IEC did not elaborate.


"Until 2004, the IOC paid all equipment, however, since the Olympic Games in Beijing, has sponsors who pay him for what the team is dressed in a form with their symbols," said the spokesman. In 2006, the IOC announced a competition for the contract to produce equipment. According Belona, "an application for participation in it has filed only one Spanish firm." As a result, up to 2010 sewing sportswear for the Olympic team was commissioned by the Chinese company Li-Ning, and then it was replaced by Bosco di Ciliegi, without the announcement of the competition.

"Stella McCartney dress British team, Ralph Lauren — the U.S., Armani — the Italian, and our — some kind of Russian firm. We at the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain believe that the Olympic Games should be seen as an opportunity to show not only our best athletes, but to create the image of Spain as a country competitive and modern. Olympics — it’s always a great showcase to show the creative and production capacity of the country, and I can not imagine that no Spanish company did not want to sponsor his Olympic team, "said Lomba.

"When people see this in shape, you think it’s a joke. But it’s not so bad, "laments Angel Asensio. The head of the Spanish Federation of garment factories negotiated with the IEC on tailoring forms for the Paralympic team that will take part in the Olympic Games in London, launched in July this year. "The first thing they did was have demanded a discount. I said that we can to give them only about 50% of the cost. They were pulling a long answer and finally said they were not interested, "said the businessman. 

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