The specialists of Lipezkenergo set energy-saving street lamps

The specialists of the branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Lipetskenergo" started installation of energy efficient street lighting in Volovsky and Izmalkovsky districts. The new line of street lighting to the end of the year will be also in the other seven rural communities Dankovsky, Lev Tolstoy and Stanovlyansky areas.


Reconstruction of street lighting is carried out by means of the regional budget in the framework of the state program of energy saving and energy efficiency, and is an example of the interaction of power engineering and executive power in the region.

Replacing old lamps with mercury lamps and incandescent bulbs with more efficient sodium, having a high luminous efficiency and service life, will provide up to 70% savings in power consumption for lighting. High-quality street lighting and have a positive impact on the level of comfort of the inhabitants of the area in the dark.

Maintenance and upgrading of outdoor lighting is one of the sought additional services provided by specialists Lipetskenergo. At present, the area of responsibility of Lipetskenergo is about 6,000 light fixtures whose service is part of 75 long-term contracts with customers.

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