The specialists of OptoGaN have improved the level of light output of LEDs own production


The specialists of "OptoGaN" (St. Petersburg) have improved the level of light output of LEDs and modules based on them, produced at the St. Petersburg area to 130-140 lm / W in mass production, and more than 150 lm / W in the lab.

These improvements were made possible by increasing the level of technology and optimize the entire chain of production process: from the epitaxial heterostructures, before applying the phosphor LED housing.

According to the press service of the company, currently yield ratio of LEDs produced in St. Petersburg exceeded 97%. The continuous development of the company’s technology "OptoGaN" allows you to gradually reduce the prices of their products. "Continuous improvement of the efficiency of LEDs and LED modules — is the main priority of our research and development over which employs highly trained specialists, including scientists from around the world," — said Maxim Odnoblyudov, general director of "OptoGaN."

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