The specialists of Rosneft began exploration in the Barents Sea

The largest Russian company "Rosneft" starts to geological and environmental studies in the Barents Sea. 

"Rosneft" embarked on a seismic survey in the licensed areas "Fedynskiy" and "Central Barents’ exploration of which runs in conjunction with the project partner — the Italian company Eni, the press service of the company" Rosneft ".

At these sites is scheduled to perform 2D seismic survey in conjunction with the on-board gravimagnitometriey of 9950 line km in two license areas. Data collection will take place at the same time a complex of geophysical methods with specialized seismic vessel. In the sections completed ecological and fishery research.

"Rosneft" company carries out exploration program in the Barents Sea in compliance with all requirements of the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and license agreements. During the seismic program will be implemented environmental monitoring and production control.

Exploration work carried out in the Barents Sea subsidiaries of "Rosneft" — "RN-Shelf-Arctic" and "RN-Shelf Far East" together with specialists from the company Eni.

"Companies have many years of experience in performing seismic surveys in the northern climate with increased attention to the prevention of accidents and incidents in the field of industrial and environmental safety," — said the press service of the NC "Rosneft".

Recall the license for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the license areas Fedynskiy and the Central Barents in the Barents Sea granted the company "Rosneft" in January 2012.

Fedynskiy an area of 38,000 square kilometers located in the southern part of the ice-free Barents Sea. From north to Fedynskiy adjoins the Central Barents area of 16,000 sq km. In these areas have already conducted 2D seismic survey, the results of which are pre-selected number of promising structures.

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