The specialists of the Bauman University developed light

assault vehicle for the armed forces

The specialists of the Bauman University developed a light assault vehicle for the armed forces. The new car is capable of moving at high speed over rough terrain and overcome various obstacles. 

Due to its relatively high weight, the machine can be used for surprise attacks on the enemy, reconnaissance and casualty evacuation.

The unique combination of functionality, mobility and survivability, allows tactical combat units and special forces to get the fast deployment time and high maneuverability for light assault vehicle.

The new car can be a flexible platform 4 × 4, which can be easily and quickly transform the specific needs of each client, while maintaining flexibility for future changes.

This assault vehicle while existing in a single copy.

Such light assault vehicles can be quickly delivered to any place in the world, the small size allows you to place the car in helicopters Mi-8 and transported as an external load. Machines of this type for a long time interested in the Air Force of Russia. Earlier attempts to create a light buggy on nodes Niva car, and planned purchase of the Israeli assault vehicles ZIBAR.

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