The State Duma adopted a law establishing a mobilization reserve for the army

According to the draft, the reservists will be able to voluntarily sign a contract with the Defense Ministry, held training activities, participate in exercises and training camp or held in reserve Interior Ministry, SVR, FSB. For the work they will receive a military salary.

If a reservist decides to terminate the contract at will or will not comply with the terms of the contract, he will compensate the budget for their own learning. Provided, however, good reasons for family reasons.

The first contract is for three years, the next — for five years. The contract may be awarded to citizens who do not have foreign citizenship, reservists and military service had been previously having rank: enlisted personnel — under the age of 42 years old, junior officers — up to 47 years, average — up to 52 years and higher — to 57 years.

University graduates who have been trained in the military department, may also enter into a contract to stay in reserve.

For citizens who have signed a contract to stay in reserve, will remove the limit on the total duration of military training, which involved a reservist.

The document also provides for medical examination citizens entering the reserve.

The law takes effect January 1, 2013.

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