The State Duma approved the creation of Russia’s equivalent of DARPA

February 15 this year, Rogozin said the bill to create the country’s Agency for the development of advanced technologies. This is reflected on the site on February 17.

And now, after quite a bit of time — namely, July 4 — the bill almost unanimously supported by the State Duma, and the news went unnoticed. Correcting this error … 

Russian State Duma almost unanimously supported a bill to create the country’s Foundation for Advanced Studies, which will deal with "high risk breakthrough developments" such as the U.S. Office of the Advanced Research Projects (DARPA). According to the newspaper "Kommersant", the draft law submitted by the State Duma, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, held July 4, 2012.

"The essence of it is only one. We are, after 20 years of the state in which the entire military-industrial complex, to catch up with advanced design in which Western partners have gone away from us, it will be difficult if we follow the routine way. So we create this technological predator who must monitor all a technological breakthrough scientific work ", — said Rogozin.

Presenting the bill Deputy Prime Minister said that the new fund will be engaged in the formation of "scientific knowledge" of possible threats to Russia’s security, the search for the main directions of future research breakthrough, placing orders for the development of advanced technologies "in the military, special and dual purpose."

In particular, it is about observing systems, precision weapons, cyber security, strategic nuclear forces, air and space defense, "robotic systems for different purposes," "hypersonic technology" and "advanced materials". Number of employees fund is expected to reach 100-150.

According to the newspaper, the project was supported by 425 of the 450 deputies, but the document raised a number of questions. In particular, members interested in the question of financing the fund, is not clearly defined in the bill. The document states that the fund will initially operate on 150 promising projects, but funding is not yet known.

According to Rogozin, the first payment into the fund will be determined during the formation of the new budget, but in any case, the money will be allocated from the Russian state armaments program, the funding of which is defined at the level of 20 trillion rubles. Transparency of financial flows, according to Deputy Prime Minister, will provide an "audit and audit committee fund."

The fact that the project is the establishment of the Foundation for Advanced Studies will be submitted to the State Duma Rogozin said in February 2012, and on 5 June it introduced the two houses of parliament, Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Rogozin, the creation of a new fund will solve the employment problems of students of technical colleges in the military-industrial complex and provide them with high salaries. 

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