The State of Creativity has given the acceleration of the construction of a kindergarten in Sertolovo

This year will be commissioned Sertolovo kindergarten, which was considered one of the most problematic social facilities of the Leningrad region. This is the result of joint work of the Union of Builders of Leningrad region and the Construction Committee of the Leningrad region in the framework of the "State of Creativity".

In July 2011, as part of a socially significant for the Leningrad region of the "State of Creativity" was held professional contest "Best mason Leningrad region." Construction Committee of the Leningrad region proposed venue for the competition problematic social object — a kindergarten for 280 places in g.Sertolovo on ul.Molodtsova, work on which was carried out in a slow mode with the crisis of 2008.

Chairman of the Construction Committee of the Leningrad Region A.P.Katalevich "Of course, there are different objects in terms of timing. By this project we intend to have attracted the attention of the public and at times intensified control over the timing and quality of construction. General contractor finally turned to constructive action — refused unscrupulous contractor. "

After the end of the contest "The best bricklayer Leningrad Region" took only 9 months, and the main work on the subject is almost assured: made brickwork 1-2 floors, roofing, glazing windows, prepared the technical facilities and equipment installed hot water, water meter assembly, ventilation chambers, let down by 100 % of external engineering networks, 70% held landscaping, interior finishes. The builders left quite a bit: do finishing, interior lighting, make technological equipment and furniture (already booked) to install a fence, to organize the territory of external lighting.

To the neighborhood kindergarten has always been lit in the dark, the costumer service was requested to review the project with the latest LED lamps produced in Russia, which does not require constant maintenance and replacement bulbs are resistant to thermal stress and temperature do not contain glass and breakable items vandal-proof and impact resistant. And most importantly — do not contain mercury and other harmful substances by 85% economical as compared to incandescent bulbs, especially since in 2008 tightened state requirements in the field of energy conservation, energy efficiency and environmental safety.

It’s nice that daycare has already received the first gift from a partner of the "State of Creativity". "Svetlana-Optoelectronics" (St. Petersburg), Russia’s only company that has the same industrial site sells a full technological cycle of production of LED light sources, provided to illuminate the main entrance of LED lights at no cost.

Release Date scheduled for the end of May. A March 14, 2012 at the site of a kindergarten in g.Sertolovo at ul.Molodtsova, 11, will once again open review-competition of professional skill, now among plasterers. Competition among finishers will put an end to this difficult history, and 250 kids Sertolovo fall will go to the new kindergarten.


 The organizing committee of the "State of Creativity" and the Construction Committee of the Leningrad Region invite everyone to 14.03.2012. 10 hour. the opening of the contest "Best Plasterer Leningrad region", which will be attended by the workers, finishers of the Leningrad Region and students of vocational high schools.

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