The state order is complete!

Two rows of brand new engines are ready for transportation to the assembly site MSK-420.

In mid-November, the new space began assembling engine "29". This creates a more comfortable work environment. Benches and desks arranged to meet the requirements of the new production system lean when all losses are excluded.

Translation assembly area not affected the performance of the state order. Assemblers and testers have made every effort to have to complete the program in November 2010, three times higher than last year. They were assisted by mechanical working parts manufacturing, supplying all the details of the assembly and component units as required.
Do not disappoint the enterprise collective assemblers and testers MSK-20, which are also collected and tested required by the state order, the number of cars.

November 5th Corps of the service implementation has been sent to the recipient with another transport valuable cargo.

JSC "Barnaultransmash" once again confirmed its reputation as a reliable partner providing products that strengthen the defense capability of our country.

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