The station Korshunikha-Angarsk VSZHD opened shop operating the locomotive depot

The station Korshunikha Angarsk-East-Siberian railway was opened shop manual working locomotive depot, the construction of which was conducted in the framework of the investment program of OAO "Russian Railways".
The project cost — 173 million 839 thousand rubles


Raised less than a year, a three-story building is a single multifunctional administrative and production complex. The new workshop manual pawned the future development of BAM from Ust-Ilim on Boguchani and Bely Yar.


On the first two floors of the shop manual depot housed offices of pre-trip check-up locomotive crews, training rooms and briefings, transcripts skorostemernyh tapes duty on depot foreman, etc. The total area of the shop manual 3 365.280 sq.m. In turn, on the third floor of the building is a conference hall for 90 seats and room for rehabilitation of locomotive crews.

Depot staff is 222 people, 78 of locomotive crews, service electric type 2ES5K "Ermak" type locomotives TEM18DM — 50, providing freight and passenger traffic on the routes: Korshunikha — Lena; Korshunikha — Vihorevka; Korshunikha — Ust-Ilim.

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