The station Tepliy-2 and the visit of the Moscow City Duma deputies (photos)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


Yesterday the Moscow City Duma deputies held a field meeting on transport at the mine number 915, which is building the station "Tepliy." Among other things, they have visited and the development, where they saw all six working faces.

1. Mandatory training on TB. Tell us how to use the self-rescuer.

2. Eugene Cashin, Managing Director of "Mosmetrostroj", and Andrei Bochkarev, head of the Department of capital construction.

3. Arbuzov Mikhail — Director SMU-5, which has built the first "Petrovsky-Razumovsky" and is now building a second station.

4. But already started to pass the second slope that goes parallel to the existing one.

5. The delegation went on a tour on the first surface.

6. Eugene Cashin explains something deputy.

7. At the briefing given to all special tokens that must pass before descending into the mine.

8. Somewhere in the depths of workings.

9. The penetration of CCI. Conditions are a little different from working in the Duma. Very wet face, the water comes all the time.

10. The MPs were very interested in the peculiarities of construction.

11. BSA in the side of the station, "District." Gone are already very far.

12. A short story about the drilling and blasting method, limestone and other aspects of the subway construction.

13. Eugene Cashin.

14. The station "Tepliy-2." The central hall has not yet begun, but already in the side stand, tower section.

15. Disassembly of the pilot tunnel.

16. Andrey Bochkarev right at the bottom of the station tunnel.

17. Right station tunnel.

18. I am still amazed at the ability of the second penny to shoot without a flash in very dark conditions.

19. Tension camera escalator tunnel.

20. After surfacing participants took as a souvenir tokens.

21. Building site and warehouse tubing.

22. This year will be handed over 8.5 kilometers of transmission lines and three stations. In 2013 — 14 km and 7 stations. In 2014 — 17.9 km and 9 stations. And in 2015 — as much as 30.7 km and 15 stations.

Bochkarev also noted that 14 kilometers per year — it will record from the Soviet Union. Like, in the Soviet Union once was a record delivery — 11 miles, and an average of a year passed by 7-8 km. Who like statistics, is it?

A 30.7 kilometers in 2015 will be at the world record. Soon find out if this is :)

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