The station Tepliy-2 (photographic)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


A brief overview of the current state on Tepliy-2, which builds the SMU-5.

  • (C) Russos, 2011
  • (C) Russos, 2011

1. Escalator tunnel to the station being built parallel to the existing one. Then the current lobby will be completed and traffic passenger flow will take a planned appearance, not like now, when the counter flows intersect twice. At the output of the lobby and down on the platform.

2. Excavation slope just begun.

3. Excavation conducted by classical technology — with frost.

4. Truck driver.

5. Hand truck fills the tub.

6. Machinist.

7. Now covered about 20 meters.

8. Because of the market could not make a comfortable unloading bucket. Therefore, it is necessary to overload a crane in a separate bin, which is in the side.

9. BTP — block plant rooms. Its length — about 90 meters. On the other end of the station — STP (combined traction-down substation) of the same length. Thus, the total length of the central hall (in the form of individual units) is approximately 350 meters. Of these spots is less than half of the passenger.

10. Right tunnels and cross with the elaboration of the approach.

11. I have already told the station that the side tunnels were drilled pilot tunnels in the early ’90s diameter of 5.1 meter, which is now disclosed to the full diameter — 8.5 meters.

12. Slaughtering, where plucked lining.

13. 8mm fisheye. Kind of weird, but all in the frame :)

14. Cable collector, which runs parallel to the station.

15. In STP shoot did not happen. There’s a lot of water, high humidity and temperature — optics fog up instantly. And even inside the lens.

16. A face in the HVAC room, located from the pole a few dozen meters, dry. Here is such a geology.

17. Excavation tunnels in the right direction Fonvizinskoy. Now do furnel sinker and going to install slotted rings on a seven-meter diameter. It will be a camera shutters. Next blokoukadchik pulled through the camera and continue driving of tunnels usual diameter of 5.1 m

18. Tunnels. View to the Tepliy.

19. Deaf part of the station.

20. Left the station tunnel. When completed there will be a train ride in the STL area. By the way, note that the front of each column, on the other hand, used reinforced tubing. On the Pipe and Dostoevsky was not like this. But here and geology worse, and operating station nearby.

21. Slaughtering. There is a bulkhead pilot tunnel at the station.

22. Kruglyashok.

23. View from above.

24. The remote control handler.

25. Hand stacker.

26. Station tunnel.

27. Please note — in the upper right corner in the lining, there is a pair of tubing. This left openings for so you can then parse it and build a change to the existing station.

28. Beautiful ground, puff. Clay and limestone.

29. Workplace driver blokoukladchika.

30. Once the pilot tunnel. Yes, I seized upon the fish eye.

31. 8mm our all :)

32. Ignition!

33. And this is the right station tunnel.

34. Moscow columned station with iron bridges.

35. Developing the approach.


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