The Storm of the Caucasus Jacob Baklanov

Dedicated to the glorious Russian Cossack General Yakov Petrovich Baklanov (1809-1873).

Few among the military leaders of the Russian army generals in the Caucasus more popular than Yakov Petrovich Baklanov. Even many decades after his death in a peaceful Chechens was a saying: "Do not you want to kill Baklanov?" This strange question addressed to whoever wished to make it clear that he — a hopeless blowhard and does not realize his own words. For Yakov kill in combat, as seen in dozens of warlike mountaineers big battles and small skirmishes, was beyond the power of anyone. He often got injured, but always with incredible courage carried them by staying on his feet even after a large loss of blood, causing the Circassians and Chechens felt charmed by his death. This athletic build giant (its growth was 202 cm) inspired the enemies of superstitious fear. He was truly unbeatable. It is no accident Imam Shamil rebuked his mureeds, "If you were afraid of Allah just as afraid Baklanov, has long been a saint." But besides bravery and astonishing courage, Cossack leader and had the ability to quickly orient themselves in the situation and make the right decisions, captured highlanders adverbs and created a reliable network of spies and informants (spending to pay for their services almost all of his salary) that the intentions of the enemy very often became known to him. He was the living embodiment of all the virtues needed officer-Caucasians. It is no accident today’s defenders of the Fatherland, bearing hard service in those places where one and a half centuries ago fought Yakov Petrovich, consider it a great honor awarded medals in honor of the famous Cossack general, which established the Association of Veterans of Special Forces "Brotherhood" maroon berets, "" Hero ". Today Russia, being at the last line of defense. Goes great battle for Russia, for the souls of people for 1000 years of our history and culture, for the future of the Russian State.

Today the heroes of Russian history come out of oblivion and once again become the banner of the revival of the Great Fatherland. "Examples of ancestral claim spirit offspring! — Say 150 years ago, Metropolitan Filaret of Moscow, a long time defining embossing formula mighty Russian power. — Love your enemies, the enemies of God, shun, Crush the enemies of the Fatherland!" There is a battle for Russia, which today need heroes! Men of great faith and great love for the motherland, and the glory of the children of Russian victories. Let this liberation and holy war against the enemies of the Fatherland inspire us again images of national patron saints and saviors of the Earth Russian — Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky. "Our nation has a hero — goes to the enemy wall", "Bay to win — as they beat grandfathers!" — Like the proverb. Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours!

Our Glory — Russian Power!



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