The strongest junior teams of the world are trained in the arena of the Olympic Park

Teams from Germany, Canada, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden need to practice on the eve of the World Hockey Championship among juniors.

Preparations for the match goes to five ice rinks Sochi Olympic Park — in the palace of the "Big", erected by order "Olympstroy" at the ice arena, "Washer" and a training center.

The first on the ice went out Sochi favorites of the tournament, the winners of the last four world championships — the players from the United States. Athletes start training, despite being tired after a long flight. Under the guidance of head coach Don Granato players practiced for over an hour skating technique, throws the goal and various combinations of the game.

Don Granato, head coach of the junior national team of the United States:

"We are honored to be among the first to test this arena. This is a fantastic and a great place! Ice is excellent. Our team is looking forward to when we go out on the ice to play. This location is different from the others. Here, the light fantastic, not like in other places. Championship itself — a real test for us, because the team of Russia has repeatedly defeated us on the ice. In general, all the teams that are here are great. The guys from Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland and other countries certainly are good! "

In his first match of the young Americans will play the tournament with the hostess and a medal contender for the world championship — the Russian team. Thousands of fans in the stands will see the battle on the ice. Millions of viewers will be watching the progress of the match at the TV screens.

Teams of Canada and Finland — are also in the front row of the medal candidates.

Don Hay, head coach of Canada‘s junior team:

"We did not expect such hospitality. We very much appreciate such a device and want to say thank you to all those people who are working to ensure that this tournament was held at the highest level. Arena is just wonderful! It really is a fantastic facility and I am pleased that we will be here to play, and will play as long as possible. We try to win all the tournaments in which he participated. We are proud of the work that we do, and we hope that there will unfold fiction struggle among the strongest teams in this age group. "

Morgan Kimchuk, the player Junior Team Canada:

"This is really a wonderful facility and I am glad that I take part in the competition on this site. I liked everything, especially the locker room. They are made at the highest level. Generally in this tournament, we will try to give everything one hundred percent. This is a unique opportunity — to fight with the best teams in the world — the U.S., with Russia, in the city, which is permeated with the spirit of the Olympics, the spirit of the struggle. I hope that we will be part of the upcoming Olympics. "

Aleksi Mustonen, Finnish junior team captain:

"It is very important to me — to get one of the first on the ice. Awesome arena, excellent conditions created here for the game. Team — just a wonderful atmosphere. We are ready to fight to the end for victory in each mast. "

Mika Marttila, head coach of the junior national team of Finland:

"This is important and great that we have reached this Olympic arena. Not every World Cup is held in such conditions. A lot of good words I want to say about architecture stadium. Everything was done perfectly. Arena, indeed, like a drop of dew. But to me it looks more like a spaceship. "

Series Games opens on April 18. Within 11 days of teams will spend more than 30 games in the fight for the title of the strongest teams in the world of hockey players under 18 years of age. World Championship will be the largest sporting event in the life of not only the Olympic Sochi, but the whole of Russia.

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