The Su-25 has an all-weather

Modernization of aircraft, the third in its history, based on the analysis of armed clashes in Chechnya and Georgia. So in Chechnya, the main loss of the Su-25 aircraft were due to the inability to fly in the mountains, and the complexity of management in a rapidly menyayusheysya weather. In Georgia, the losses were caused by the lack of technical equipment of the aircraft, the lack of electronic warfare countermeasures, and the old system of arms control.


The new element base allows you to place an improved navigation and sighting system on such a small plane as the Su-25.

On the new Su-25 set a new complex electronic warfare "Vitebsk-25" Samara Company "Screen". The aircraft received a sighting system that allows you to use a guided missile Kh-29 and corrected with a television-guided bombs KAB-KR. On the screen in the cockpit displays an image with the seeker, the monitor has a high resolution and gives a clear picture.

Initially it was assumed that the pilot will run in night-vision goggles, as the Americans. However, tests have shown that in a close cockpit of Su-25 in such glasses is difficult to turn, and canopy cover closes the field of view. Therefore, from the points at this stage abandoned. You can now use high-precision GLONASS bombs KAB-C (O).

In the aircraft control system integrates a new device encrypted communications equipment (ASDs) with a range of up to one thousand miles. It allows you to integrate all e-stuffing aircraft into a single automated command and control system (ACS), or be a member in setetsentrirovannogo control the battlefield.

In general, the Su-25 "tightened" to a better Su-34 Management of arms, but with the significant advantage that the Su-25 can still be used in the immediate area of anti-air defense, and now do not go near an army air defense — knocking it away.

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