The successes of the Yamal fishermen

Yamal fishermen since the beginning of the year produced 6,526 tons of fish. Mined only for the nine months of this year the volume higher than those of the same period last year to 632 tons. 

Online Yamal fishermen to get not only the most valuable species of fish — whitefish (whitefish, schekur, pyzhyan, cheese, whitefish), but also salmon (White Salmon), ordinary fish (pike, ide, smelt, ruff), cod (burbot). Now autumn fishing is mostly concentrated in the Ob, Taz and Gyda lips. Fishermen, LLC "Gydaagro", LLC "Tazagrorybprom" and Novoportovskoye whitefish fishery will produce. In all commercial fishing on the Yamal involved eleven and twelve fishing farms, as well as tribal communities of indigenous peoples. The fishing industry involved over two thousand people.

Major refineries in Yamal — "Salekhard Works" and "Pur-fish" most focused on regional rybodobychu. They are equipped with modern equipment and production facilities can process 5,000 tons of fish a year. Yamal refineries produce more than forty kinds of canned food, and more than a hundred species of fish.



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