The successful launch of the carrier rocket Soyuz-U with the transport spacecraft Progress M-09M on board

January 28, 2011

Running made at 04:31 MSK from Baikonur "cosmodrome".
The purpose of the flight: transportation for different purposes on the International Space Station.
Expected time of docking with the ISS: 30 January 5:39 MSK

Among other cargo on board the ship is a small spacecraft "Cedar» (ARISSat-1), created as part of the Russian-American student project. In development by students of the Department of KiT EMU Southwestern State University (formerly KurskSTU).
The satellite will be launched to the ISS during one of the outputs of the astronauts in outer space.
During the flight will be conducted by the Scientific experiments on equipment designed Kursk students.
The satellite will transmit signals at a frequency of 145.95 MHz, callsign RS1S.

Photos can be seen here running.

Update as of January 30, 2011

"Progress M-09M" has successfully docked with the ISS

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