The successful test firing of the second stage of the new space rocket Angara.

In Russia, a new booster "Angara". Mandatory step in building missiles are the benchmark tests, which are performed at a test IP-102 Federal State Enterprise "Research and Testing Center aerospace industry" (FSE "SIC RCP" Peresvet Moscow region).

Universal Rocket Module URM-1 "Angara" LV successfully completed a full cycle of bench tests on the bench IC-102 in 2009. In 2010, on the same test rig started "cold" test bench (HSI) module URM-2. HSI was successful and confirmed the readiness of the module to fire tests. During HSI confirmed efficiency propulsion systems, remote control algorithms, as well as the technology of fuel and gas module.
Fire test URM-2, as reported by the press service of the Khrunichev Space Center Khrunichev and FSE "SIC RCP" successfully held 18 November 2010.
The main purpose of firing test — a comprehensive proof-of-performance pneumatic systems products in stand conditions in co-operation with the engine RD0124A-and-playback mode on the sequence diagram of the control of the flight. AXIS is the final stage of ground tests of URM-2 before flight testing.
SIC staff RCP demonstrated a high level of organization and preparation and conduct of operations, ensured the safety of the tests and the expeditious processing of the results.
Creating a space rocket complex "Angara" is a task of special importance.

Government customers space rocket complex "Angara" are the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Space Agency, and the Khrunichev Space Center and the head designer and is responsible for the development, manufacture, testing the family of launch vehicles "Angara" light, medium and heavy-duty, as well as the creation of a space rocket complex as a whole.

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