The synthesis of element 117 were confirmed in Dubna and Darmstadt

 November 23, 2012 in Dubna, opened the autumn session of the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives of the Governments of the Member States of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

It will take stock of the JINR in 2012 to review the draft budget of the Institute for 2013 and draft contributions from member countries, cooperation with JINR European scientific institutions, will discuss the work in a number of other areas.

One of the major scientific achievements of JINR in the past year has not only become an official international recognition of the discovery of elements 114 and 116 of the periodic table, but also the successful completion of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions behalf of GN Flerova repeated the experiment on the synthesis of element 117.

Recall that the first experiment on the synthesis of element 117 was conducted in 2009-2010 and lasted more than six months. Synthesis of a new element was carried out in a reaction accelerated ions of calcium-48 with a unique target of the artificial isotope of element 97 — Berkeley 249, whose half-life is only 320 days. Its operating time was made on the world’s most powerful nuclear reactor HIFR National Laboratory in Oak Ridge (USA), and made a target in Dimitrovgrad Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (Russia). In the experiment, which was conducted at the U-400 FLNR, there were six events of the "birth" of a new element.

"This year, we conducted a second experiment on the synthesis of element 117, — Says the scientific director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions behalf of GN Flerova Academician Yuri Hovhannisyan. — It was much faster than the first, and was more "fruitful": To date we have received up to 14 events of Element 117, they are all in good agreement. Wrote an article in the prestigious American magazine «Physical Review Letters». There’s also an article by Professor Walter Greiner (Germany), which tells how important this work is for the entire problem of the synthesis.

The most interesting is that even then, after about a month in Darmstadt set the same target and also saw one event that coincides with the very ones that have been observed. They are very happy. We are also satisfied: a 14-year-our events is another. I do not think we will go back again to the 117-th: two times the experiment is put in Dubna and once in Darmstadt. The following year, Let us confirming the synthesis of element 118 ".

"Not far off the international recognition of the fact that there is a new element 117, — Said the director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Academy Victor Matveev. — Very pleased that the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the international community recognized the discovery of two new elements — 114 and 116, some have even wear badges of these elements, but of course, our work on the synthesis of new elements in this is not over — we let’s move on ".

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