The system alerts the public about emergencies in Kamchatka showed full functionality

Installation of satellite system in the Peter and Paul Fortress-Kamchatsky

The system of public notification of an emergency in the Kamchatka region has successfully passed a comprehensive inspection and showed full functionality. This was announced today by the Minister and special programs for the Cossacks Khabarovsk Territory Sergey.

Head Office of Emergencies in the Kamchatka region on March 29 was checked all systems emergency alert. Checked the timeliness of the signals on the channels of TV and radio, fixed and mobile public address. "All systems in the course of due diligence showed its efficiency," — said Khabarov, noting that "especially digital alert system worked on the basis of the P-166 CTI OS, the installation of which began in the Kamchatka region in 2011. "He explained that in 2012-2013, will be commissioned in the second stage. Fully complete the installation scheduled for 2015.

"System T-166 CTI OS designed for operational control of the Interior Troops of the Russian Federation", — said the minister. Kamchatka, in his words, the first in Russia to use the system to alert.


Group INCOM performed great, a unique project to create a territorial system of centralized automated notification (TASTSO) Kamchatka.

Within three months, a large group of our specialists engaged in assembling complexes of means TASTSO throughout the Kamchatka region, implementation and launch of the system and its components in operation, training of users.

Within TASTSO are equipped with a new generation of alerts based on S-166 CTI OS: Control room of the Governor, Reserve Country control point, unified duty and dispatch service (EDDS) in the cities of regional subordination, district centers and tsunami settlements Kamchatka.

Was deployed HF radio, a satellite communication VSAT systems in tsunami towns that do not have digital channels, satellite communications systems Inmarsat BGAN.

Paired two departmental systems — TASTSO and Tsunami Warning System (TWS) Hydromet, which allows for automatic activation of warning systems TASTSO and thereby significantly reduce the time taken to warning signals about the earthquake and tsunami.

11.11.2011 tested and acceptance into trial operation TASTSO Kamchatka. The tests demonstrated the high quality of the system.

Use of equipment F-166 CTI OS allowed to transfer alert system from analog to digital channels, replacing the old park equipment alert, increase the technical readiness alert system, greatly expand the functionality of the action in the automation of operational duty, exchange any information that will allow her to use in everyday activities (dual technology use).

TASTSO on the basis of P-166 CTI OS has a number of unique features:

  • bringing the alerts, including those obtained from the inter-regional system of centralized automated notification from the Centers Tsunami Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Maritime Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring to operational duty EDDS areas and tsunami settlements, as well as the service, home and cell phone numbers of officers persons;
  • bringing alerts via digital channels Ethernet, satellite links (VSAT, Inmarsat BGAN) and backup HF radio.
  • providing documented exchange of arbitrary text information, files, standard forms of official documents;
  • applications software solutions service operational duty;
  • the ability to connect and share on the primary and backup communication channels with automatic failover to redundant links in case of failure of the main channel.

Education in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky


Esso — Training Managers


s.Melnikovo — connecting horn warning system


Ust-Kamchatsky, workplace CTI OS-2


s.Tymlat — Installation of satellite system


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