The system of Barnaul: one in the field — a warrior

Five minutes, and the shooter-aircraft gunner ready to fight. Grozny "hunter" for aerial targets enemy today is equipped with the latest technology, due to the complex automation "Barnaul", which make the enterprise at the Smolensk "meter". More says Sergey Andreev, General Director of "meter": "As part of a unified system of tactical control we have developed and implemented supply for the production of products 9C 935, allowing gunners in vsesutochnom mode with high efficiency to carry out their tasks."

"Barnaul" — an intelligent system. It provides not only the target information, but also constantly communicates with the command post: detects and reports location, readiness for combat shooting. Everything happens automatically. "Upon receipt of targeting at gunner beep that received target designation, — says Valery bortovik, deputy chief designer of" meter ". — The command he takes MANPADS to the ready position for shooting, find targets for target designation and target detection produces aerial target shooting. "

All production of "Barnaul" high-tech. Machine shop — where produce body parts. "Requirements for details of night vision laid designers are very high, because it is an optical system, — the head of the shop machining of" meter "Oleg Smith. — Therefore, the details necessary to perform high precision — to 3 micron. "

A signal processing apparatus — the brain "Barnaul". Here comes all the information from the command post and complex systems. The apparatus makes mathematical processing, and outputs the command. At the heart of — e-filling. The elements are arranged on the board for a given program. Errors excluded. After assembly, each card automatically passes inspection. "Who sent the card into the unit. It will check for the presence of components are installed correctly. Everything respectively, will be displayed on the screen, "- says Ilya Smirnov test engineers of" meter ".

Setting optics — a special challenge. It is made in a completely dark room, where even the walls are covered with black cloth. This sight can be said to teach night vision as an owl. He must find air targets under the stars at a distance of 8 kilometers. "Set the scope to coordinate table, fasten the bracket to the reliability, remove the lid, set the axis of sight with kalimatrom alignment and control — explains the design engineer of" meter "Anastasia Tarasenkova. — Accordingly, there is set a necessary measure. "

For telephoto included a few lamps. Anastasia has to work to the touch. Customer representatives are usually men, but even they in this room is not alone. "Some are afraid of the dark room — says Anastasia. — Poor becomes the first time I go, but, basically, it is normal, not scary. "

"Barnaul" assembled. In vest — signal processing apparatus, the controller, the apparatus receiving transmission data, an autonomous power supply unit, the radio and satellite navigation receiver. "Here is placed aerial navigation space, that is, the shooter-aircraft gunner continuously detects your location using satellite navigation, and its location is automatically issued by the higher command post — says Valery bortovik. — The commander sees where the arrow is directly subordinate to him. "

The first "Barnaul" entered the army in 2009, and in November the Russian army filled up another 25 sets. The corporation "Russian Technologies", which includes of "meter" confident that the complex will be in demand. They are actively interested in foreign customers, because with "Barnaul" outcome of the fight "man — the airplane" is obvious: the injection of such a "needle" to the enemy fatal.

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