The system of external insulation of building facades

SYSTEM OF exterior insulation of facades of buildings

The system of facades "HEAT VANGUARD"

HEAT-VANGUARD — a complex system of façade insulation and exterior walls, built and existing buildings, homes on the basis of proven high quality materials manufactured in Russia.
The system complies with the most advanced solutions insulation of walls of buildings, houses, cottages, "wet", corresponds to the state standards and is inferior to foreign analogues.
In the application of external heat insulation Heat Vanguard heat is concentrated in the walls and not being able to go outside, remains inside the building (the dew point is in the insulation).
The system of external insulation of facades heat-Vanguard can be applied to buildings, houses, cottages constructed from a variety of building materials.

In general, the system of external wall insulation Heat Vanguard can be presented in three main layers.

1. Thermal insulation layer — insulation boards made of materials with low thermal conductivity (mineral wool or polystyrene foam front) that stick versatile glue facade "Vanguard-Koo" and mechanically fastened with dowels to the building ground.
2. Base layer — made of cement facade of "Vanguard-Ku", reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh
3. Protective and decorative layer — exterior decorative plaster "Vanguard-F" of different textures (pitted plaster, plaster coat) or exterior mosaic stone plaster "Vanguard-P." All kinds of decorative facade plasters have a wide range of colors.

Systems of facades "HEAT VANGUARD" have all the necessary documents authorizing their use in the construction of sanitary and epidemiological certificate, technical certificate Rosstroy Fire Safety Certificate. Wall insulation of buildings, town houses, villas, industrial buildings made according to the "Installation Instructions" of the system of facades of buildings "Heat-Vanguard" and "Album of technical solutions."

Advantages of the facade thermal insulation of buildings’ heat-Vanguard ":

• provides a stable and airtight insulation;
• eliminate thermal bridges in insulate buildings;
• guarantees arbitrary spatial formation front of the house, through the use of styrofoam plates of different thickness and mineral-based materials;
• prevents the penetration of rain water into the walls due to the presence of the polymer layer of plaster facade "Vanguard-F" and "Vanguard-II", at the same time providing an escape of water vapor to the outside of the building;
• Do not allow water vapor to condense in the wall of the house and thus resists mold in the walls;
• reducing the cost of home heating to 50%;
• It reduces the cost of construction by allowing the use of thinner walls and the use of heating systems less power;
• concentrates heat in the walls (the effect of tile stove) and provides favorable to the human wall temperature (+18 ° C);
• can be used for the reconstruction of old facades of architectural value;
• reduces construction of new buildings.

All materials and components used in the installation of thermal insulation system "Heat-Vanguard" can be attributed to the following categories (groups):
1. Insulation systems (insulation)
• Styrofoam plates;
• rigid mineral wool slabs;
2. Adhesive (Vanguard Ky)
3. Reinforcing fiberglass
4. Primers (primers) (Vanguard D)
5. Finishing decorative plasters (Vanguard and Vanguard F-P)
6. Exterior Paints (Vanguard A)
7. Facade dowels
8. Joining elements (junction) of the system
9. Profiled elements:
• profiles for the end and the beginning of systems;
• profiles for angular edges;
• Profiles for special purposes.
Used in the materials and components must meet the requirements of normative documents on which they are made, as well as the requirements of OOO "Heat Vanguard" to the elements and components used in thermal insulation systems "Heat-Vanguard".
Costs of materials shall be related, recommended Ltd. "Heat-Vanguard" for the specific application systems and recorded in the technical certificate for a system of "Heat-Vanguard".

The thermal insulation system facades "HEAT VANGUARD" — is an effective and reliable solution to thermal insulation of external walls of buildings, not inferior in quality and technical characteristics to foreign analogues.

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