The system Omnicomm involved in scientific trials JARI

Company Omnicomm («Omnikomm") — One of the leading domestic manufacturers of systems for monitoring and control of transport on the basis of satellite GLONASS / GPS completed a joint project with the "Scientific-Research Institute of Road Transport" (JSC "JARI") in field studies to further define the route fuel consumption rates on line buses.

As test objects were selected buses 10th bus fleet SUE "MOSGORTRANS." Fitting of vehicles provided official partner of Omnicomm — the company "Omnikomm-Service".


Currently, "JARI" is a leading research center in the field of road transport operation problems. The Institute operates 15 research centers and research groups, and he is the developer of the main normative and legal documents governing the functioning of the trucking industry.

State Unitary Enterprise of the 10th bus fleet "Mosgortrans" to ration fuel line bus uses a mathematical model of the institute, approved by the Ministry of Transport in 2008. Due to changes in the organization and modes of movement, the acquisition of new rolling stock fleet, took the analysis and evaluation of the adequacy of the model to new conditions. To obtain the most accurate data on the amount of fuel consumption of vehicles is necessary to use both experimental and computational method to compare and analyze the information. Achieve this the company decided on the basis of the modern system of monitoring and fuel consumption Omnicomm, putting the objective data as the basis of the study.

The system Omnicomm-the only one of similar systems could be tested to meet all customer requirements. First of all, the implementation of the project "JARI" drew attention to the observance of quality standards, applicable solutions and completeness of the information provided.

Implementation has provided control of fuel consumption typical for these vehicles routes: the movement of the city, on the highway, bus routes, etc. Evaluated the control of the engine in traffic and in parking lots, speed control and run on the basis of the data, the system was calculated individual baseline fuel consumption rates for the selected type of vehicle. In this kind of research is extremely important to have accurate records to conduct accurate analysis and fix the standards.

 "Research-based transport monitoring system Omnicomm possible to reduce the time of field tests in four times at the expense of high-tech and innovative equipment. The system allowed to remove the data on the machine mode on-line, which certainly simplifies the process of the scientific work,- Turov said Felix V., Head of the Research Department of "JARI".When we SUE "Mosgortrans" in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation started the project, vendor selection decisions did not stand, because the company Omnicomm has established itself as the only reliable manufacturer of satellite monitoring. We have repeatedly used the system during field tests in various enterprises and have always received great results. "

"Businesses are extremely important to have objective control and fleet availability is a powerful tool can significantly simplify the management process, standardize requirements and reduce costs for each vehicle fleet, — says Stanislav Emelyanov, Deputy General Director of "Omnikomm."And I am sure that this experience is of great importance for the whole of the transport infrastructure of our country. It was a constructive position and influence standards allows to quickly implement standards to integrate the monitoring of each company in the Russian transport management system. "

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