The T-90 is celebrated anniversary

20 years ago, in October 1992, was adopted by the main battle tank of the Russian Army — a unique "flying" T-90.

T-90 was created by specialists of the Ural Transport Machine-Building Design Bureau, included today in the structure of the research and production corporation "Uralvagonzavod", based on a multi-year study of the military operation and the use of the T-72 in various countries around the world in real-world conditions of the modern battlefield. Due to the vast experience of its founders and the rich traditions of UKBTM, T-90 embodies the best features that were famous and previous Uralvagonzavod tanks — the T-34, T54/55, T-62, T-72. This is the reliability of the design of all components, assemblies and systems, simple operation, minimizing the cost of training the crew and specialists.

Guided weapons with a range of up to 5,000 meters, thermal imaging sight "PAS" second generation providing shooting range at night is not less than 3,500 meters, turbocharged diesel engine of 1000 hp and many other advantages of the T-90 made it one of the best new products of the defense industry 90s. Export orders received by Uralvagonzavod tank T-90 at the time, became the guarantor of the survival of the enterprise in Nizhny Tagil in the crisis years, and the preservation of a unique group of high scientific, technical and intellectual potential Uralvagonzavod.

In the summer of 1999 three Tagil T-90S were subjected to thorough testing in the Indian Thar Desert — so that is unlikely to survive any other machine in the world. With daily temperatures up to 53 degrees and night about 30, in dusty conditions, in the absence of roads each T-90 tank was several thousand miles away. Impressed test military attaché at the Embassy of India in Moscow Brigadier General D. Singh said: "On the effectiveness of the T-90S can be called after the second nuclear deterrent."

February 15, 2001 signed the first contract for the supply to India 310 T-90S tanks. As acknowledged by the former deputy chief designer UKBTM, the participants NA Molodnyakova, this contract "… Brought Russian tank industry out of the impasse, allowed to breathe new life into the enterprise sector".

Cooperation with India in the supply of tanks T-90S is still ongoing. Following India’s tanks purchased and other countries. As a result Tagil product was the best-selling newly manufactured MBT World 2001 — 2010 years. Went abroad more than a thousand cars! And today Uralvagonzavod produced a large number of T-90S tanks for export contracts.

Powered by T-90 developed engineering vehicles — Atlet, BIS-3M, IMR-3M, as well as a unique combat fire support vehicle ("Terminator"). In 2011, the public was presented the upgraded T-90. Modernization has touched the entire complex characteristics of the T-90S tanks and allowed to increase its combat and operational capabilities.

Today, the upgraded T-90C is the next step in the development of the domestic tank development. He confidently superior to its predecessors in the main, decisive combat effectiveness indicators. It is, first of all, fundamentally increased opportunities fire damage, high security of the majority of anti-tank weapons destruction, reliable life-support and improved mobility.

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