The tanker Vladimir Tikhonov has established a new record speed Northern Sea Route

Major tanker "Vladimir Tikhonov" with gas condensate deadweight of more than 162 thousand tons was the Northern Sea Route (NSR), accompanied by the nuclear-powered ships in record time — seven and a half days, said the Head of the Development of Fleet Operations FSUE "Rosatomflot" state corporation "Rosatom" Vladimir Harutyunyan .


"The tanker set an absolute record for the passage of the NSR for a week and change. His average speed was 14 knots, accompanied by his nuclear icebreakers "50 Years of Victory" and "Yamal". Today at 16.55 MSK he crossed the Cape Dezhneva and left the NSR to continue to move independently in clear water in Thailand ", — Said Harutyunyan .

Posting tanker nuclear-powered icebreaker "Rosatomflota" took place without any problems, he added. "The experience and the results of this season we will certainly discuss with the shipowners and with the ministry (of transport), but this is the future" — said Harutyunyan.

The tanker "Vladimir Tikhonov" deadweight of more than 162 million tons of standard size "Suezmax" Company "Sovcomflot" chartered company "NOVATEK" to transport 120,000 tons of gas condensate. A vessel of 280 meters, a width of 50 meters and a draft of more than 13 meters came from Murmansk on August 23 at 8.00 am MSK. Port of destination — Thai Maptaphut (Map Ta Phut).

Tentatively on Wednesday, August 31, from Murmansk to be released yet another record-breaker — a large-capacity cargo ship, bulk carrier Sanko Odyssey nearly 75,000 deadweight tons, reminded Harutyunyan. It is the largest dry cargo ship that has ever moved on the Northern Sea Route. It was carrying more than 70 thousand of iron ore concentrate of JSC "Eurochem", produced by Kovdor GOK.

"Meanwhile, from Murmansk has left class tanker" Panamax "Poseidon deadweight of 60,000 tons with a cargo of gas condensate" NOVATEK ". This tanker, similar to earlier — STI Heritage, Marilee. His wiring will icebreaker "Taimyr" and then intercept other nuclear-powered ships, "- said Harutyunyan.

At the end of 2010, "Rosatomflot", "SCF" and "NOVATEK" successfully implemented a large-scale experimental wiring tanker "Baltica" with gas condensate, reminded Harutyunyan. For the first time in the history of nuclear-powered ships SMP "Russia" and then "50 Years of Victory" and "Taimyr" in turn led through the ice of a tanker with deadweight of 60,000 tons from Murmansk to Pevek.

The Northern Sea Route — the shortest route between Northern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. For reference the route Rotterdam-Yokohama when crossing the Indian Ocean distance is 11.2 thousand nautical miles. When you follow the Northern Sea Route distance is reduced by 3.9 thousand nautical miles or 34%. This reduces the time to the 20 and 33 days, respectively, reduces the cost of delivery. Potential cargo NSR is estimated at 50 million tons per year.

By mid-August through the Northern Sea Route, accompanied by nuclear-powered ships have already been three tankers and gas condensate (Perseverance, STI Heritage, Marilee). Novatek plans — sending at least two more tankers of "Panamax" (60 thousand tons of cargo) in September and October this year. In 2010, the NSR was transported 71,000 tons of gas condensate.

Repair and technological enterprise RTP "ATOMFLOT" was created in 1960. In 2008, the property complex was transferred to the state corporation "Rosatom". The structure of the modern Russian nuclear fleet consists of four two-reactor icebreakers ("Russia", "Soviet Union", "Yamal", "50 Years of Victory"), two one-pot melkoosadochnyh icebreaker "Taimyr" and "Vaygach" nuclear lighter-container "NSR" and five floating technical bases of service.

As part of the program "Development of transport system of Russia in 2010-2015" in Russian plans to build a universal icebreaker capacity of 60 megawatts and three linear diesel icebreaker capacity of 25 megawatts.

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