The tax inspector in the U.S. earned $ 500 million for bogus


IRS employee exercised monetary machinations, concluding agreements with the company, is the head of his friend. In this way they managed to illegally transfer to the account of a private company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Greg Roseman, using his official position to enter into contracts primarily with IT-company Strong Castle, which was founded by his friend Braulio Castillo.

According to U.S. media reports, the 2012 Castillo received from the IRS $ 500 million and $ 465 million from other federal agencies.

"In the United States Internal Revenue Service, where the company Strong Castle received 99% of its revenue in 2012, worked as friend Greg Castillo Roseman. He was in charge of all the contracts that were concluded by the Office with Strong Castle », — stated in the investigation.

We also learned that, before opening his own company Braulio Castillo filed an application to the Veterans Administration for granting him the status of disability. He claimed that the injured foot during his stay at the school for military training in 1984. He identified as "unable to serve, having a small business veteran." This status allowed him to obtain favorable terms for participation in tenders.

Tax Inspector Greg Roseman summoned for questioning by the Congress, but he refused to answer questions about the relationship with the company Strong Castle. From the IRS employee has been fired, the investigation continues.

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