The team of IT specialists and engineers MEPhI developed a new system to protect APCS

The automated process control system (PCS) based on computer networks now control almost all aspects of human activity in the room, in this case are completely unprotected from attacks, including the use of malicious software ("viruses"). A striking example of such an attack is a series of successful attacks Stuxnet virus on Iran’s uranium enrichment plant. Stuxnet was able to destroy the infrastructure of the site, greatly increasing the risks of man-made disasters.

APC "SHIELD", developed by scientists MEPhI, helps to protect the automated control systems of the main types of threats:

  • Espionage — attacks designed to steal highly sensitive information on the work of key state enterprises
  • Internal exposure — the spread of viruses and malware via the company’s employees who have access from the corporate network to the Internet.
  • Skin exposure — targeted cyber attacks.

The consequences of such an attack can be enormous: malfunction of control systems at the enterprise, industrial accidents, theft and compromise of information, not to mention the man-made disasters.

The hardware and software protection control systems "SHIELD" implements a number of opportunities for the protection control system: protection from destructive packages, checking addresses of the sending device and executing, control of the transmitted data, protection from illegal commands and subsequent blocking, protection from DDoS attacks, control the integrity of the system, data encryption. This is only part of the measures provided by the hardware-software complex.

Feature of the design is that the "Shield" to protect the most vulnerable parts of the control system — sensors and data transmission lines. In contrast to the top-level — on the remote control, which is protected by anti-virus software, access to the middle and lower level control system is virtually unimpeded to intruders.


Principle of operation:


  • The device integrity monitoring network APC "SHIELD" is connected to a network of automated facility for twisted pair and monitors network activity for malicious unauthorized connection to the illegal management of the facility.
  • The device controls the availability in a protected area of unauthorized wireless data links can identify these channels as GSM CDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as data on different radio frequencies.


The complex can be used in large industrial and government facilities, and for the safety of premises are equipped with "smart home".

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