The technique of Tractor Plants went on duty to protect forests from fires in Yakutia

The company "CHETRA-Forest", a specialized unit of the machine-building marketing-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants "together with the Volgograd Tractor Plant (part of the Machinery & Industrial Group NV) operationally completed a large order for delivery in Yakutia tractors for forest fire stations.


Public autonomous institution "Center of inventory, reproduction, conservation and protection of forests in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" for its operations ordered 15 crawler tractors AGROMASH 90TG 2047A production VgTZ. The plant has already shipped the necessary machines, and now they will stand up for the largest forest region of Russia.

Due to its characteristics, the tractor as efficient as the production and from an environmental point of view. Operating weight of the tractor only 7650, while the width of the track in the 390 millimeters pressure from the tractor to the ground, not more than 56 kPa.

We remind businesses of Concern "Tractor plants" with assistance "CHETRA-Forest" forest fire tractors have been delivered in dozens of regions of Russia, such as Volgograd, Vladimir, Kurgan. Kaliningrad Oblast and the Republic of Karelia and others.

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