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January 13, 2011

Terminal "Yug-2" in the port "Ust-Luga" in 2010. increased congestion in the car 4 times

A multi-terminal "Yug-2" in the port "Ust-Luga" (Leningrad region) in 2010 handled 65.521 thousand cars, which is 3.8 times higher than in 2009, said the report of JSC "Ust-Luga", which is the owner of the terminal.
Throughput of the port of Ust-Luga in 2010 grew by 13.6%

In total, the complex Ust-Luga terminal 7 types of cargo, construction of the terminal began in 2007:

1. Tank farm "Ust-Luga" or a set of liquid cargo
Endpoint BTS-2. The construction of the first phase. The complex will provide reception and handling up to 38 million tons of oil in god.V I quarter of 2012 is scheduled to begin shipping, power — 30 million tons.
In December 2013 are expected to complete the second phase of construction (capacity — 38 million tons per year).

2. The complex coal transfer

3. Container terminal

4. Multipurpose transshipment complex "Yug-2»
The main purpose of the terminal — this is the admission of new cars. «Yug-2" will be the only one in the Russian automobile terminal corresponding to the world standards. Already, on the dock «Yug-2" at a time can be kept for 5 thousand cars. With the launch of the second launch complex number will increase to 13 thousand cars. In 2012, it is expected to reach full capacity of 4,6-million tons a year (with FLC)

5. Automobile and railway ferry complex
Ferry service on the line Ust-Luga — Baltic — German ports — a project of federal significance, one of the links in the transport corridor "East-West".

6. Universal Handling Complex
In June 2007, the first ship Universal handling system for receiving, storage and shipment of the export of iron ore pellets, pig iron and scrap metal, oversized and heavy cargo, as well as building materials and equipment. On teriitorii complex is planned to build a large indoor warehouse, which will lead handling almost all types of metals that require a covered storage.

7. Reloading Complex technical sulfur
The first phase of the complex was introduced in late 2008. During the development of the feasibility study investor turnover increased to 9,000,000 tons per year.

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