The thermal imaging device SWEET

The thermal imaging device "SWEET", developed at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, European certification procedure was implemented with the mediation of the Slovak company "Onkoset", said the Public Relations Center of SB RAS.

In this device all domestic, electronic components except for the signal processing unit. For example, sensitive to infrared (heat) radiation matrix and vacuum cryostat designed and manufactured in the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, a semiconductor material (indium arsenide) — at St. pereburgskom enterprise "Electron". The special silicon circuitry needed to bring the signal and can operate at liquid nitrogen produced in Novosibirsk on NPP "East." Optics also produced in Novosibirsk.

According to a senior research fellow Institute of Semiconductor Physics George Kurysheva, representatives of "Onkoset" along with medical practitioners viewed a number of instruments, and came to the conclusion that it is "SWEET" they are most preferred. "Among the distinguishing features of our thermal imager — a sharp, very sharp image. This is due to the physics of sensitive receivers, allowing to register the temperature drop from 0.007 degrees ", — Commented George Leonidovich.

Certification was performed in Prague, however, after the development of the permit Siberian scientists can be used virtually anywhere. To pass the appropriate procedures needed to produce a device that is within a certain time being tested in several European hospitals, eventually gave the conclusion of the high quality and capabilities of medical use of the thermal imager. "The certification took place during the year, and, to our auditors came to the Institute in order to see how and what equipment is created" SWEET ". They were satisfied, "- said Giorgi Kuryshev.

Among the possible applications of thermal imagers — medical. In particular, such a device can show a perspective pathological changes of the thermal image of the body surface (e.g. asymmetry, and left or right half of the surface of some areas of the body is excessively heated or cooled). Thus, unlike the X-ray or ultrasound techniques, the body is exposed to an external radiation and its own fixed thermal radiation.

Specifications Imager TKVr IFP-SWEET:…/view_operating_char.html

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