The third hydraulic unit Baksan hydroelectric tested under load

At the Baksan hydropower plant, where work continues on the complex reconstruction of the station, in accordance with the program of pre-launch testing hydraulic unit number 3 is included in the network for comprehensive testing of main and auxiliary equipment with a maximum load for 72 hours.

After a comprehensive test hydraulic unit will be ready for launch in the controlled operation.

Pre-start tests preceded the hydraulic installation and commissioning of the main and auxiliary equipment, automatic control and protection systems, excitation, vibration and thermal control, installation of the generator circuit breaker and transformer unit. This was followed by high-voltage testing of the generator needed to determine the latent defect exclusion, and oil pressure unit tests needed to control the turbine.

In parallel with the testing of hydraulic unit number 3 started testing HA number 1 in idle mode, the GA number 2 completed commissioning.

Complex reconstruction of the Baksan hydropower plant is in the final stage. Have been tested and are ready for commissioning derivation path and hydraulic structures of the brain and pressure-station sites. To receive Baksan hydroelectric power switchgear ready-110, is currently implementing the transit of electricity. Successfully completed testing of penstocks and overhead crane capacity of 50 tons. Completed finishing work in the administration building and the turbine hall, landscaped grounds station. As the press service of the RusHydro, the completion of works on the reconstruction of the station is scheduled for December of this year.

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