The third multi-purpose submarine project Ash will be laid in 2011

Third multipurpose nuclear submarine of the fourth generation of the "Severodvinsk" (Project 885, the code "Ash") will be incorporated into this year, "told reporters in Moscow on Thursday an official representative of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

American counterparts, "Ash" is a multi-class submarines "Seawolf" and "Virginia". Russian and foreign experts often compared "Ash" with "Seawolf" does not explicitly favor one of the boats. Noiseless "Ash" is expected comparable with "Virginia" or "Seawolf" but "Ash" is intended for a wider range of tasks. By function "Ash" will also comply with U.S. submarines "Ohio", reconstructed by armed cruise missiles, giving them ammunition but excelling in speed and underwater attacking qualities.

In 2011, completed construction of the cerebral nuclear submarine with cruise missiles "Severodvinsk" and the ongoing construction of the upgraded submarine of this project "Kazan".

"Until the end of 2011 will mark the first production of this submarine," — said the representative of the fleet.

According to him, last year successfully conducted test fire missile complex long-range cruise missiles, sea-based "Caliber". Some of them are made in the exercises "Vostok-2010".

The representative of the Russian Navy also said that last year the factory completed sea trials and initiated public trials of nuclear submarine armed with ballistic missiles, "Yury Dolgoruky". The construction of the two series of missile strategic submarines of the fourth generation of "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh".

The nineteenth of March in Russia will mark the 105th anniversary of the establishment of submarine forces. Social events will be held in the Main Staff of the Navy and all the navies of the fleet.

On the eve of Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky congratulated submariners. "The modern submarine fleet — is the embodiment of good shipbuilding idea of revolutionary ideas in the field of underwater vehicles, he created a titanic work of scientists, designers, engineers and workers of defense and shipbuilding companies," — said in greeting.

It also notes that today the priority is given to the construction of multi-purpose and strategic nuclear submarines. "At the moment the priority and ensured adequate funding missile strategic submarines of the new generation," — said Vysotsky.

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