The Third World War: the European front


Eyes of the world are attracted to the situation unfolding today in Iran and Syria. U.S. and allies openly preparing for war. Syria and Iran are doing what they can to at least make it difficult enemy victory.

The cornerstone of foreign policy of the United States has always been preventing the emergence of alternative centers of gravity, and in case if any centers do arise, the aggressive opposition to them.

Today we can distinguish two countries and one association that could potentially provide an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon world order. This is China, Russia and the EU. Much has been written about the reaction of a China and Russia, so in this article I would like to dwell on the theme of the European Union.

Almost all EU countries are to some degree and form of U.S. allies, which implies the impossibility, at least at this stage, direct intervention in their affairs. However, creating in 1999 the euro, and thus to enter into competition with the main export commodity of Washington — dollar they wittingly or unwittingly thrown a challenge to Americans.

Since then, an undeclared cold war in which all means are good. It would seem, then Iran and Syria? And despite the fact that creating instability in the energy suppliers is achieved price increases, and sometimes impossible to fully supply for certain players. In this case, are under attack, first of all, so most affected by the crisis, the countries of southern Europe, which obviously does not add to the stability of the euro area and attractiveness to investors.

But not forgotten, and other countries such as Germany, which in terms of availability of oil and gas, due to good infrastructure and relations with Russia, protected significantly better than other EU countries.

Since the failure of supplies from Russia is difficult, in this case, was elected to the method of "green terror", when environmental groups under the pretext of destroying the country’s economy. This includes, for example, the closure of German nuclear power plants, which also undoubtedly play to increase the value of fixed energy, for the environment is of such a decision only cons.

At the same time, the U.S. shale gas boom continues, and it does not matter whether it is a promising technology or a myth, a role he has played, domestic gas prices have gone down. Besides expanding oil production in Alaska, which was formerly a sort of strategic reserve in case of war. Not forgotten and nuclear power for the first time since the accident at the nuclear power plant Three Mile Island is planned to build new reactors.

Thus, U.S. producers have an advantage over European ones, which ultimately can lead them to victory in the economic struggle. After all products sold for euros, will be more commonplace goods sold for dollars.

By the way I think we all remember how we cried wishers that we may bring energy prices to their producers in line with the world, under the pious pretense of motivation to save energy. And all because of low domestic energy prices are, in fact, support the domestic economy, the possibility of using that, we were trying to rob.

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