The titanium on the seas will float Time

On Titan — Saturn's moon, in 2006, radar 1st gallakticheskogo apparatus, which referred to as "NASA's Cassini" revealed the sea, consisting of ethane and methane, as he passed him. The temperature of Titan's surface — about minus 100 degrees Celsius 50. In this regard, there are methane and ethane — they are the only materials that can withstand such temperatures. Some of those seas, which are found where radar can be compared in size to the larger lakes in the world. But these data are not particularly clear, since the gas atmosphere of a satellite is very thick, and could prove to be an obstacle. Currently gallaktichesky unit plans to study titanium sea from a distance closer. To do this, he needs to drop on the surface of some of the Seas «Titan Mare Explorer» — Research apparatus, abbreviation that sounds like TIME.

The purpose of this system — do it first sea voyage beyond Earth in the history of the world's population.

In May 2011, the project has received from the company "HACA" sponsorship investing a sum of three million standard units to implement the first step of the project. This step will consist in the fact that there will be developed a new gallaktichesky apparatus, also be detailed further designation machine. If "HACA" will continue to develop the project "TiME" — the unit will start in 2016. In 2023 it is planned that he sank to one of the Titanium seas in the polar zone of the satellite, which is removed from our planet by 1287 and a half million miles.

This unit will be manufactured photo, collected meteorological data measured by the depth of the sea, also analyzed samples of sea water. In capsule "TiME" will not have its own engines. He will sail on the seas of Titan by the wind, and currents.

Around the middle of the 2020s to Titan come phase of "winter", which will last about 10 years — then it will hide from the sun Saturn. This affects the relationship with the capsule — the connection will not be available scientific data will be impossible to obtain. In 2035, most likely, Titan already come out from under the shadow of Saturn — and the association with gallakticheskim device can be returned, of course, but in this case it will still work.

Titanium atmosphere contains methane inside the cloud. They appropriate the satellite sky orange color scheme. Such clouds — the sources of hydrocarbon rain. Specifically, they enable the filling of the sea, landscapes as they sformirovyvaetsya satellite. This is similar to how water affects the earth.

Ralph Lorenz, which is a physicist, and working in the Institute. John Hopkins University, says that the known population of the earth life forms necessarily require the presence of water — water, Titan's surface is very cool for that. But the study of the seas Titanium will enable to find out the reaction of organic molecules, as well as they can be organized, which leads to the emergence of life out there that are totally different from ours.

In addition, there is an unlimited number of other different questions in planetary science. For example, if the seas fogs? Or the spray? What is there seawater — transparent, or it is cloudy? Does the surface of the sea foam? Also very many other issues.

In the future, the authorities HACA plans to completely fund one of gallakticheskih missions, of which there are three. Second task — the study of Mars with "Geophysical Monitoring Station". Its purpose — to study the processes that took place during the formation of the planet.

Develop this target wizard from the laboratory of NASA, who specialize in the study of jet propulsion. Third candidate — mission "Comet Hopper", which is being developed spices Center gallakticheskih fly them. NASA Goddard. Gallakticheskaya capsule of the mission plans to land not one, but a couple of times on different comets, with all this studying the processes. Which are caused by heating of the surface, when comets approach the Sun.

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