The Tomsk State University created the new plant for the production of polymer films


In Tomsk State University has earned a small innovative company LLC "POLYPLAST Engineering", which will provide engineering services for the development of new technical regulations of polymer films for packaging food and non-food products for agriculture, construction, etc., as well as services on RH trial runs of composite polymeric materials. The enterprise was established under the federal law number 217FZ, one of its founders was the TSU.

Producers of films are now actively engaged in research on the development of new formulations of polymeric packaging materials, practicing technology in industrial plants — three-layer film extruders (machines for molding plastic materials by giving them shape by forcing through a profiling head — ed.). But the use of such systems for the development of new materials is difficult and expensive. In "POLYPLAST Engineering" setting is used, which, on the one hand, a laboratory and requires a small amount of material, on the other hand, it is as close to the industry, so it worked out in the regulations made suitable for use in production.

"POLYPLAST ENGINEERING" introduces technology for the production of polymer composite films containing nanoparticles stabilized by polymeric macromolecules. The technology was developed in the problem of the research laboratory of chemistry of rare earth elements under the guidance of a senior researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Olga Babkin. Development is protected as a trade secret TSU.

We develop new formulations of polymer composites using a compact laboratory twin-screw Compounder (machine for mixing molten polymer powders — Ed.). Position Base materials allow mixing with high quality and a high degree of chemical grafting to the polymer than many industrial Compounder, — Says Olga Babkin. — If modern equipment combine with highly skilled professionals who work in the company, you get a modern engineering company — LLC "POLYPLAST ENGINEERING".

Customer-specific specialists of "POLYPLAST Engineering" can develop regulations for obtaining and gain experimental batches of different films: packaging films with high strength characteristics of the films that will protect the plant from harmful UV rays and will contribute to the acceleration of their growth, film-indicators for monitoring the quality of products, films for protection from exposure to high or low temperatures, etc. The emphasis will be made upon receipt of multilayer films, which are more durable and economical to use than single layer discs.

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