The Tomsk State University organized a free general literature courses

Literacy Tomic in the last five years has decreased significantly. One example of this advertising signs with errors, incorrect wording for your transport. To find out the craving for knowledge Tomic mother tongue linguists State University decided to conduct an experiment and organized literature courses.Lubov education teacher. Going out into the street, a pensioner on almost every billboard sees a mistake, but in recent times and not only private businessmen guilty of ignorance, but even the sign with the name of the house of culture is framed not in Russian.

Love Cousin, a resident of Tomsk: "DK" Vanguard "for some reason, without the quotes. In the shop," basket "price tag read, written," chicken "with the two letters" n. "Any errors in the inscriptions Lubov said the shop owners, but it considers tomichka, just a drop in the ocean.

The global problem of ignorance attended Tomsk philologists. In TSU for everyone decided to organize a free literature courses. Topics of lectures varied, from classical to modern times. Professors agreed to this experiment and were pleasantly surprised. A couple of days received more than 150 questionnaires from the public.

Anna Kozhevnikov, the organizer of the school club "Literature": "For someone interested in deeper knowledge of the classics, people pointed to this problem, on the other hand they want to understand modern literature and can not find their way in the stream."

The audience turned out differently: from children to pensioners. On the question of why it took them, each said lack of knowledge acquired in school or in college and a desire to fill these gaps. The demand for Russian language, linguists say, is slowly beginning to grow. The first experiment with the literary club can be considered successful.

Olesya Kurnosov 

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