The town began construction waste recycling plant

Regular fires that occur in the interior of multimeter debris, were the last straw that broke the patience of city officials. And at City Hall hosted a presentation of the new production, designed to receive 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. By the way, the Eagle produces only about 140,000 tons. Just plant was built from the perspective of the regional center. At full capacity the plant will earn at the end of August 2013. And in the Eagle will be about 300 jobs. Although a significant part of the waste segregation could automate — no manual labor can not do. By the way, as the president of the association told the regional association "Environmental Safety" Viktor Ermakov, the current landfill is scheduled to close in the next 5-7 years.

Viktor Ermakov, "For the first time in Russia, we took aim at making Orel region carried out bespoligonnoe maintenance of solid waste and industrial waste. That is, the elimination of all polygons. It is the practice world. This is something that goes to recycling — the deep processing of waste from recycled materials, not just raw materials, raw materials and products of the next generation. The city will be cleaner, United Industrial Environment Company operates a range of about 10 years. Disruptions in san.ochistke city was not. But the extension of the service life of the landfill — it’s not the issue. All the same there is a quantitative accumulation, which turns into a negative quality. Hence, a fundamental solution to the problem — is to put the plant, then after its start immediately proceed to the closure of the landfill. To his rehabilitation. With the way that it no longer represented a huge threat as a chemical bomb for the environment. Such a solution is dictated by the entire current situation. "

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