The transport cargo ship Progress M-17M docked to the ISS

 October 31 at 17.33.46 Moscow time logistics vehicle (THC), "Progress M-17M" docked with the service module (SM) "Zvezda" of the Russian Segment (RS) of the International Space Station. The convergence of the transport ship with the station was carried out according chetyrehvitkovoy scheme automatically.

  • Docked "Progress."  Photo from "Roskosmos"
  • Docked "Progress." Photo from "Roskosmos"

     THC "Progress M-17M" delivered to the ISS more than 2,400 pounds of cargo.

     About half of this weight — is the fuel in the tanks of the refueling system for the propulsion of the ISS RS, air and oxygen, and the water in the tanks of the "Spring".

  • Photos from Space Gallery "Roskosmos".  Author - Alexander Samokutyaev
  • Photos from Space Gallery "Roskosmos". Author — Alexander Samokutyaev

     All other goods (1,247 kg) are placed in a sealed compartment "truck." Delivered to ISS equipment for use in U.S. and Russian segments of the station, on-board documentation of fire, health, sanitation and hygiene supplies, food and parcels for the crew members. Also among the cargo equipment for scientific experiments, "Range", "Type", "Aseptic", "Cascade", "Bioemulsiya", "conjugation", "The Constant", "BIF", "aryl", "OChB", "Membrane" and "Plasma Crystal-3 Plus" (KCN).


   Currently, the International Space Station is a crew 33/34-y long expedition consisting of commander Sanita Williams (NASA), flight engineer Yuri Malenchenko (Roskosmos), Akihiko Hoshide (JAXA), Oleg Novitsky (Roscosmos), Eugene Tarelkina (Roscosmos) Kevin Ford (NASA).


   Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency

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