The trend of the international exhibition CeBIT 2011: increased interest in the Russian system GLONASS (photo from the exhibition)

Consortium ATGroup (together companies "Arkan" and "Tetrasvyaz") took part in the annual international exhibition of high-tech CeBIT 2011, which was held from 1 to 5 March in Hannover (Germany).
During the exhibition, hundreds of companies and research institutions from around the world presented their latest achievements and developments in telecommunications and information technology.

ATGroup delegation toured the exhibition and got acquainted with the latest developments in the security sector. Representatives of the consortium held talks with Israel’s leading experts, Taiwanese and Canadian manufacturers of security and monitoring systems. During the talks the sides exchanged experiences in the use of communication technologies in the development of navigation and safety systems and discussed the format of future cooperation in the production of high-tech products.

A special stand at the Hannover exhibition was dedicated to the professional radio TETRA, which have been demonstrated solutions for emergency services, as well as for small and medium businesses. Great interest was shown sets of equipment and software for use in vehicles, as well as solutions in the field of telemedicine.

Special attention was paid to the exhibition of the European system of emergency response in case of accidents eCall, a pilot project which started in January 2011. System developers have provided detailed information on the progress of the project and pointed out the important role of Russia in its further development. Among the priority tasks — to harmonize standards of the Russian ERA-GLONASS system and the European eCall for the formation of a single security. Using the experience and solutions Russian companies that are leaders in the segment of security and monitoring will speed up the process of integration and extend the functionality of both systems at the expense of navigation and information retrieval, and security services.

"It should be noted the interest of foreign companies in the development and use of solutions based on the Russian GLONASS system, most of which announced its plans to include GLONASS receivers in the line of their products," — says the press service of the consortium ATGroup.

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