The truth about Russia. Black propaganda historical myths

If we talk about the reality — that Russia in no way inferior to the history of Western countries — no violence, no glory. We will not create a positive myth — for centuries of Russian history is all. But, first, shame, violence and filth was no more, and sometimes less, than any other in the history of the country — at least Western, though the east. Second, there were not only mud and blood — there was glory! There have been achievements. And in an amount no less than that again in any other country … if not more. But we, like the enchanted black myths, do not remember his fame, forget about their achievements and successes.

Russian citizen does not need to be told who the Malyuta Skuratov or Vanka Kain. And if you ask — who are the Bokaryov Dmitry and Fedor Landrin? Or, how many know that Russia — the birthplace of sunflower oil? In the XVII century the sunflower was delivered to Europe, but then it also appears in Russia. First as an ornamental plant — a beautiful flower and as a treat — and in Russia and in Europe willing to "nibble" seeds.
In the 1830s, a serf settlement Alexeevka Biryuchinskogo County Voronezh Dmitry Bokaryov began to produce sunflower oil. Adapted for seed pulp, which was used to extrude the camelina oil, and began to squeeze the sunflower, and then sell it on the market.
First sunflower crop was developed in Saratov and Voronezh provinces, then went across South Russia. And so there came to Europe.
"As you know," Russia — economically and technologically backward country. But what of the periodic table? From the fact that it is in Russia have such directions in science, as soil science, synthesis science, ecology, systematic research at the interface of physical and economic geography?
Technical progress? How many people know that the Russian aircraft "Ilya Muromets" was the best fighting machine in the fields of the First World War? In all the years of the war the enemy was hit by only one "Ilya Muromets" and that because the team carried out the task and the "relaxed" — on his way to his native village airfield to play at cards. A British "Dehavilendy" burned and fell steadily.
That Russian Railways to the 1960 — 1970 were the best in the world, is considered improper to speak, and that’s a fact. After this time the railways in Europe upgraded, but anyone who has been to South America, with horror seen writhing like snakes, the band rails. And wondered what all survived.
An interesting and important observation: if the priority is controversial in some area, we are willing to give the palm to the foreigner. But foreigners will never agree to give their "birthright." Let’s say, for the right to be the creators of the radio "struggling" Marconi Italian and Russian Popov. But in Russia, a good half of those surveyed would call you an inventor Marconi radio! While abroad on Popov never heard of. Knows about it except a handful of specialists.
So it is with a pair of Edison — bullseye. Who invented the light bulb? The dispute is appropriate. But who has heard of yablochkov in the western world? And we have about Edison who have not heard?
Or — the cracking of oil … More Mendeleev made a number of observations about the "effects of heat on heavy petroleum oil." In 1891, a patented thermal cracking Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov. Americans, calling a spade a spade, simply appropriated (and even easier — stolen) the invention. Since 1915, they have adjusted industrial production, "according to Russian method." But in Russia to this day are sure — petroleum cracking invented by the Americans!
Speaking of oil. Let me remind you: the first commercial oil well drilled in the world of the Russian Empire in the middle of the XIX century. 15 years earlier than in the U.S..
Before the revolution of 1905, Russia ranked 1 in the world in oil production. Championship restored in 2006-2007.
The invention of the first Russian citizens safe kerosene lamps gave a boost to the development of the global oil industry, as it later — the invention of the internal combustion engine car.
Russia in the second half of the XIX century, took first place in the world not just on oil, but also the production and export of petroleum products: fuel oil, kerosene (gasoline then was not)! Now for us it’s a pipe dream.
Rifle, which we call the Berdan rifle, developed by a member of the Committee of the Russian artillery AP Gorlov and staff of the same committee captain KI Gunniusom.
"Small-caliber rifle rifle number 1" went into service in the Russian army in 1868. In the U.S., it was called "Russian rifle." U.S. Army Colonel Berdan improved some minor details rifle. And now in service with the Russian army had accepted "small-bore rifle rifle Berdan number 2." And brainchild Gorlov became known worldwide Berdan rifle.
On the technical achievements of the Soviet period, it is difficult even to say — too much of everything. Here and construction of entire industrial areas in the icy immensity of Siberia and the huge flow of innovation and inventiveness 1930-1940’s, the true creativity of the masses, space policy. What can you do if the first people on Earth flew into space is still not Eugene Gag, and Yuri Gagarin?
Just as bad, and we remember that Russia is socially not at all was a backward country. Many people remember that the liberation of the serfs in 1861 came to only 18% of the population? The remaining farmers have already received personal freedom during the reign of Nicholas I and earlier.
But 60% of the population of the South to the U.S. in 1865 were slaves. Most natural slaves, who sold how much in vain — and their families, and without.
Even in Soviet times, people were much freer, more confident conscious of himself as the subject of law, than in many of the "democratic" countries.
Moreover, many of the reforms to promote our country toward the expansion and strengthening of democracy, have been curtailed under the political and military pressure of world empires that built their prosperity on the robbery and destruction of entire peoples.
It turns out — we "know" about a lot of harm. And a lot of that bad at all ever existed. It is only in the myths created by our enemies. And in our own minds, unfortunately.
A good we currently do not remember or do not know that it ever used to be. This weakens our spirit does not allow critical of the myths that we strongly imposed.
It is necessary to take seriously the Russian citizen black myths about Russia and they literally knocked him off his feet. And just do not give any one meaningful work.
In fact, try to build a road, if you know — good roads in Russia can not be! Even if you are an engineer and cool at your fingertips the most advanced technology and the group of skilled workers. Setting itself disarms, incredibly interfere. And even if success is achieved, this setting invalidates the result, does not consider it as something natural and logical, they say, there’s probably a coincidence … Can a Russian build a good road?
You might as well — try to fight any foreign enemy, unless you know exactly — and all of Russia has always beaten.
Try to start a family, if all Russian women — prostitutes, and children start here makes no sense, because Russia does not have and can not have a future.
Try to eat with pleasure, knowing that in Russia all products of radioactive and chemically contaminated.
And more than that, try to gain the respect of others if you do not respect yourself.
The myths in question are incredibly dangerous. Much worse gun. This is the real weapons of mass destruction — weapons of mass destruction that affects our brain, our faith in the future, our will to action.

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