The tug MB-12 project 745MB sent to their permanent home base in Murmansk

June 29, 2012 tugboat MB-12 project has been sent to 745MB on special pontoons to their permanent home in the city of Murmansk. There tug to go through the final state test and get to serve in the Northern Fleet.

Tugboat project 745 MB built on "Zelenodolsk Plant named after AM Gorky " (Entity is a company of JSC "Holding Company" Ak Bars "), designed by OJSC" Bank "Vympel" and is a serial ship design and ship the head company-builder.

The tug is characterized by high seaworthy and able to work not only in the seas, but also in the oceans. This ship can be used to tow the ships in the sea areas, ports and roads, for refloating of ships and vessels, to carry out berthing and mooring operations, extinguishing fires in the area of port facilities and vessels, for ice routing of ships. Sea tug of this project will assist in the berthing of ships and otchalivanii, "escorting" transport vessels at the ports of entry, delivery vehicles, weapons and personnel to the landing. Home diesel-electric power plant provides the tug vessel traffic without restrictions on the resource and the duration of the work while swimming.

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