The Tyumen broiler is large-scale reconstruction

"Tyumen Broiler" — a company with a 37-year history — is under extensive renovation, but that does not prevent parallel with the "repair" issue by 36,000 tons of meat a year and have over $ 2 million birds. Built in seredine70’s "bird city", to ensure the Tyumen North fresh produce, created by the accepted rule in the Soviet era: the cycle of production at the plant should be as closed — from feed production to deep processing, production of finished products.

In the same mode, "Tyumen Broiler" is working now. "This makes us different from Europe — the director of poultry Oksana Velichko — where the production cycle is divided into separate businesses — one farmer grows parent stock, the other incubates, the third processes." However, according to the director, the closed version is preferable: "We have the ability to control and influence on each of the cycles."

The company closed loop — a mass of services and hozpostroek. The "Tyumen Broiler" its fleet of 200 vehicles, vododobychi station, boiler house (by the way, "Broiler" provides a warm cascara), laboratory, clinic, shop fodder distribution, production line, plant for the production of parent stock, and finally poultry houses — Housing broiler to "marketable" size.

It is the modernization of poultry, according to Oksana Velichko, the primary objective of the enterprise. This year it is planned to reconstruct the nine-storey building built in 1976. Eight buildings have been modernized in 2012, and seven — in 2011. To date, these plans cover more than 50% of the funds. Has assets and the liquidation. In particular, the old greenhouse, which used to keep a small number of cows and pigs, to be demolished. Under the new standards, poultry workers allowed to keep pigs, even in private households — with chickens they are the same disease.

In the longer term — the construction novogouboyno-processing complex, creating a feed production (now the company only buys raw materials for animal feed, and prepares them for a strategic partner — TCA) and taking out flocks outside the enterprise. "The pace of work correspond to the financial capabilities of the enterprise, as the work is carried out by attracting investment, which, as a rule, bank loans," — says Oksana Velichko. However, sometimes "Tyumen Broiler" come and help from the regional budget — the last grant was obtained in 2010.

Reconstruction — the capital. Older housing poultry houses are rebuilt completely, imported advanced equipment for feeding the birds, operating in automatic mode, set the system to create a special microclimate in the premises, subject to the conditions of Siberia, and also automatic, there is a replacement of flooring, gas supply systems for heating and other energy-saving Set equipment, due to which the company is starting to get significant savings — poultry houses in the old energy was spent on the 700 (!)% increase. Birdman, moving away from Soviet standards, gets a European feel. "Arriving in, say, Holland, — says Oksana Velichko — you’ll see the same thing." Naturally, the automation of the work and increases the requirements for maintenance staff — operator of the house has to be technically savvy.

However, the key, at least for the consumer, the result of modernization is a gradual transfer of birds from cage to the floor. The latter option has a number of advantages: this case, the bird is in a state of free-range, which means easy access to the water to feed, it is constantly moving, thus the type of content closer to the natural, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of meat. "It turns out that we are overhauling the sake of the consumer," — says proudly director of "Tyumen chicken."

At the moment, the new buildings containing 31,000 chickens on which daily gain weight by 55 grams, which allows for 38 days (the life of broiler chicken) to reach marketable weight in about 2150 grams. Of the 70 bird houses will be transferred to the floor for more than half the content type. From cell-type content "Tyumen Broiler" will not completely abandon, as it also has its advantages, to a greater degree of economic nature.

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