The U.S. company Broadcom announced two models with support for GLONASS chips for phones and smartphones

The company Broadcom, whose GPS-chips are used in the iPhone 4, has announced two models with support for GLONASS chips for phones and smartphones. According to experts, you can now expect to see an iPhone with GLONASS.

The U.S. company Broadcom announced two single-chip solutions with support for GLONASS: BCM47511 combo chip and BCM2076, equipped with Bluetooth and FM-receiver. According to the manufacturer, solutions are designed for use in mobile phones, smart phones, portable navigation devices and media players. "As the increasing consumption of services connected with the definition of location, we are seeing a huge interest in mobile and personal navigation technology by customers, — said Scott Pomerantz (Scott Pomerantz), vice-president and head of the GPS-direction Broadcom. — We now offer new solutions that support navigation systems GPS and GLONASS. "

One of the biggest clients Broadcom is Apple. Officially, the company did not disclose details about what kind of GPS-receiver devices used in its iPhone 4 and iPad. However, in 2010, the research firm UBM Technologies «revealed» iPhone 4 and published a detailed report on its components. It states that the function of GPS-navigation device provides the receiver Broadcom BCM4750. According to experts, the same receiver is used in the iPad.

However, if Apple decides to equip the iPhone chip GLONASS, the receiver simply replace the device will probably not work. For example, in a message Broadcom, dedicated to producing solutions with GLONASS, said that the model BCM47511 is pin similar to another popular model of the receiver — BCM4751. On the compatibility of the new solutions with the model BCM4750, is used in the iPhone 4, is not mentioned.

It is likely that Apple will want to equip the iPhone receiver with the Russian navigation system if the chips on the size and cost will not yield the same GPS-solutions, the president told CNews "Euroset" Alexander Malis. Earlier, his statements about the prospects for the GLONASS Apple devices were more skeptical character.

Dimensions chips and GLONASS price Broadcom not reported, as well as on the ready availability of these samples solutions, but their positions as it is intended for consumer devices.

On the market GPS-navigation Broadcom came in 2007 with the acquisition of Global Locate. According to the magazine Electronic Design, manufacturer of GPS-receivers for the Apple iPhone 4 is selected from the two companies — Broadcom and Infineon. Electronic Design also predicts that the acquisition of the customer as the Apple market share Broadcom GPS-platforms will grow from 24% in 2010 to 35% in 2011

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