The U.S. State Department has spent 630 thousand dollars to buy likes on Facebook

Against the backdrop of fiscal austerity The U.S. State Department has spent 630 thousand dollars for two years to get millions of approving user ratings / "likes" / on their pages on the social network "Facebook" / Facebook /. This was announced today online portal British newspaper "Daily Telegraph".

Two "advertising campaign" launched in 2011 and 2012 and which cost about 630 thousand dollars, according to the publication, quoting the report of independent experts, pursued "the goal of a global platform for the promotion of his work with foreign audiences by increasing the number of fans on the four thematic resources" Facebook . "

The report provides information according to which the U.S. State Department "buying fans" who can only make a mouse click on the placed content / posts / or put a "Like" photos, but have no real interest in the subject and never interact on a deeper level.

In addition, despite the millions of "likes" in the study of the materials or further distribution / repost / involved only a very small proportion of users. "Many stations have less than 100 comments, or repost the most popular — several hundred," — the newspaper quoted the documentation of independent observers.

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