The UMMC (Sverdlovsk region). Started production of a new generation of electric trains Swallow

Under a tripartite contract concluded by JSC "Russian Railways", the Group of Ekaterinburg and concern Siemens, the company will release the UMMC 1200 cars. The assembly of passenger trains "Swallow" (series 2ESG) will lead LLC "Ural Locomotives."

May 25 in the body shop welded the first 25-meter body of the wagon trains of extruded aluminum. After pressing the red button welding began simultaneously from both sides. The process took about an hour.

  • Photo: Tatiana Andreeva / WP

Body shop, the test unit and a warehouse built for the year as part of the contract for the supply of 1200 "Swallows" from 2015 till 2020-th years (it’s 240 electric trains: the compositions are pyativagonnymi). Trains were designated EGE — "city express train." Contract for the production of electric trains in the Urals "Swallow" signed in September 2011.

  • Photo: Tatiana Andreeva / WP

The entire production complex the UMMC area of 90 thousand square meters is planned to be in November 2013. As of May 2014, the first scheduled start-up and commissioning of the first pyativagonnogo composition. It is assumed that the 2014th will be certified first six trains. 

Ural "bird" structurally different from the high-speed "Swallows", which will serve the Sochi Olympics, by about 40 percent. Losing in speed (up to 160 km / h), it wins power (to quickly brake and accelerate quickly with frequent stops), as will be working on direct current — in contrast to the two-system Sochi cars. Operation of the Urals "Swallows" suggests a strong passenger traffic — the city, and then, after modification, — commuter and inter-regional transport — and more comfort for passengers.

  • Photo: Tatiana Andreeva / WP

By 2017-mu, the project will run 1,200 qualifications. Total in different regions of the country project "Ural Locomotives" creates more than ten thousand jobs, the supply of spare parts will be carried out more than 80 Russian companies. From abroad will bring in only a fifth of components. The basis of the project — not copying imported advanced technologies and their localization in the internal Russian production.

  • Photo: Tatiana Andreeva / WP

— "Swallow" — is the basis of a fundamental change in appearance of the passenger traffic. This is a high technology, comfort and environmental friendliness. These trains will improve the quality of passenger service, to develop high-speed passenger traffic, to ensure the long-term projects of transport service — the first vice-president of Russian Railways Vadim Morozov.

Given the demand for railroad considers five landfills operating Ural "Swallows" — Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the message between the major cities of the Urals and Western Siberia, Krasnodar region and the Black Sea coast. In the Urals, the possible areas of operation of trains scheduled destinations Ekaterinburg — Perm, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Nizhny Tagil. 

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