The underwater delivery

In our country, a draft of cargo submarines
The underwater deliveryOn the Arctic shelf is more than half the area of oil and gas provinces of. But the success of their development largely depends on the existence of a massive icebreaking fleet capable of delivering first equipment for exploration, and then transport the extracted minerals.

Meanwhile, resource dating back 20-30 years ago vessels that operate in the northern seas, already completed, and new ships for this purpose does not actually build. Therefore it is necessary to create other mc, for example, cargo submarines.

For the first time sea transportation on such vessels have been tried by Germany in 1916. The submarine then twice with a load of about 200 tons across the Atlantic, which is delivered through the British blockade of scarce products.

After the end of the second World War, the idea of construction of transport submarines immediately contacted several states interested in the development of freight traffic in the Arctic. Because submarines can develop tremendous speed due to the lack of wave resistance, they do not depend on the vagaries of the weather and ice criterion. A Transarctic routes between Western European and Far Eastern ports in southern twice shorter than usual. However, the design studies of transport submarines carried spices England and some other countries, only showed the likely merits of such ships, but were not actually implemented.

In the Arctic sea ice-covered, loading underwater tankers planned to spend at a terminal located on permissible for safety depth (not less than 90 meters). Oil from the shore to the terminal should sum up the pipeline. To prevent contamination of the sea water ballast, this liquid should be pumped through the pipeline to a surface vessel for further processing or connect to underground storage tanks. But to the practical implementation of projects is not reached due to their highest price.

In our country, the creation of transport submarines for the first time began to engage in ship-building Research Institute named after Academician
AN Krylov in the late 50s of the last century. Since the late 60s, such studies are carried out in the Central Research Institute of the Navy. Scientists have designed a multihull design of subsea oil tankers, enclosed in a sleek lightweight design. In the early '90s as part of the conversion to work on the creation of underwater transport vessels joined a number of employees in size.

According to experts, these projects may prove very necessary. For example, Kara oil and gas prospecting expedition only for the development of the Yamal fields require more than 400 thousand tons of cargo a year. In the absence of criteria in this region, railway and auto posts and great prices for the services of air carriers sea transport for these purposes is more real.

Employees CDB "Ruby" tried to justify the need for the practice of using submarines as a transport ship in the criteria of the Last of the North. Not so long ago, for the first time Russian nuclear submarine delivered load food from Murmansk on the Yamal Peninsula. According to the managing company of Igor Baranov, the main purpose of the campaign was to check the route and the ability to make cargo flights to the coast of the Arctic.

And for such shipments can lure derived from the Navy submarine with fully-of-life. In CDB "Ruby" has already prepared a draft of their conversion into transport ships. In addition, there are developing special design of submarines to transport various cargoes.

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