The unique all-terrain vehicles from Cherepovets


Cherepovets company "Dynamics" in 2010, has mastered the production of compact, floating, tracked vehicles on Canadian license. Machines have already been successfully operated on rough terrain, particularly in the snowy fields and marshes; overcome them and water obstacles. Buyers of all-terrain vehicles, which was given the name Viking, were geologists and hunters, anglers and hikers, paving their routes away from the asphalt. Demand for the company’s products was higher than planned, the organizers.


Amphibious Viking were not only practical and comfortable machines for their owners, but also demonstrated high reliability. They have a sealed plastic housing, wide tracks, which minimize ground pressure, transmission without the use of chain drives, modern engines brands Honda GX 670 or 750 Kohler. The first is air-cooled and with the working volume of the two cylinders are equal to 670 cm3 develops a power of 24 hp Motor power Kohler Liquid Cooled — 31 hp with a working volume of 748 cm3. Both engines are located in the rear of the machine.


The torque from the motor is transmitted through the variator 4-speed transmission, interlocked with a planetary differential associated directly with leading "star" tracks.

As the basis of the design is used all-terrain vehicles welded solid frame of steel profile is protected polyester coating. On the fixed frame body formed by compression under vacuum of a high density polyethylene as well as power transmission and controls.

On land vehicle can carry 5 people (it is limited to 460 kg load capacity) at a rate of up to 50 km / h On the water — 4 people with a maximum speed of 3 km / h Dry weight rover — 420 kg. Its ground clearance is 280 mm. ATVs are designed to operate in a temperature range from — 40 to +40 ° and are available with a wide range of additional equipment registered, which includes heating, winch, canopy, windshield, bilge pump and much more.

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